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"Hi. If you are looking at this page, that likely means that you are considering seeking a place for your child to start with us either in Reception as part of the next September cohort or as an in year admission in another year group.  In addition to our published school visits below, we routinely endeavour to offer prospective new parents a tour of the school arranged and agreed with the school office. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 351 1345 to discuss visits to the school or contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page regarding any specific questions you may have. Either myself, or a member of my leadership team, will endeavour to respond promptly."

Miss Kelly Lickley - Head teacher.



Minworth is a popular, caring one-form entry school.  We admit a maximum of 30 children per year group. The vast majority of children admitted to Minworth do so at the beginning of compulsory school age, Year Reception. Applications for places for children approaching this age are made through the local authority. More details about this can be found by visiting the following... http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/schooladmissions.   Parents applying for a place for their child with one or more older siblings already in the school should clearly state their name and date of birth on the application work.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) How many children do we have?

We offer 30 places for each school year group meaning we can accommodate 210 children in total. Currently, we are full, with waiting lists, in all year groups with the exception of the current year 1.

2) How wide is our catchment area?

This is difficult to answer truthfully because our popularity has seen us grow in terms of pupil numbers in the last few years meaning that some children travel here from several miles away.  The best chance to secure a place in the 'next' Reception cohort is ensure that Minworth is recorded as your first preference.

3) How do I obtain a place for a child not in Reception, i.e. for a family new to the area?

Please contact the school office on 0121 3511345 and a member of our admin team will take your details and give an indication as to whether there are any places available in that year group / inform how many children are on the waiting list.

 4) How do I visit school?

We have an open morning, afternoon and evening for parents interested in joining Reception.  Any other visits are arranged separately and can be done via the school office or email. 

5) Do you have a before and after school club?

Yes, the extended wrap around care is called The Zone.  It is open from 7.30am and closes at 5.45pm.  The club is ran by school staff and operates out of the school hall.  In addition the Sports Coaches run morning and afternoon clubs.  Please look at each section of the website for further information. 

6) What will my child learn?

Over the years we have revised our curriculum to ensure every subject is progressive, both in the content knowledge and skill application, as well as being enjoyable. Each year group builds upon the next so our children are prepared for the next chapter of their academic career.  Please look at the curriculum section of the website to discover more. 

7) Do you have a nursery?

Unfortunately we don't.  However, we have strong links with local nurseries and the EYFS Network team.

8) Can my child go on school trips?

Absolutely! We have a school minibus and children are frequently out representing school in sporting events, school council meetings, network opportunities, local visits or school trips.