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Maths teaching and learning

Here at Minworth, we believe that maths should be exciting, engaging and provide opportunity for children to develop their mastery of the subject given how fundamental it is to the world around us.

Mathematics begins in reception where children begin to learn the basics of number: counting and recognition of number being predominant. Children will learn with concrete resources to support their physical development.

From year 1 onwards, pupils begin to follow the National Curriculum and are provided with the opportunity to apply the skills of each mathematical area for learning through daily lessons. Adapted from the White Rose Scheme of Learning, these lessons enable children to work on their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills within a maths concept. Please see below for an overview of what your child will be learning throughout the year (Click on the relevant year group).

Year Group Schemes of Learning

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

To develop their understanding of mathematical concepts, children are taught to use concrete and pictorial forms before developing their abstract understanding. Children will use a wide range of resources including counters, cubes, base 10 apparatus and bead strings to name but a few.

We also value the importance of mental arithmetic skills and ensure that children have chance to practise these skills as part of their daily maths lessons. Times tables are an important foundation to many mathematical concepts; as a result, children are given three weekly opportunities for practise and rehearsal through TimesTable Rockstars.

Supporting your child at home

We recognise that parents make a positive contribution towards their children’s mathematical understanding by supporting them at home. Here is a list of websites that can be used to support this further: