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Data Protection


As a school, we naturally handle a large amount of personal data about the pupils that attend here, and their families and carers. This includes personal information about the children themselves, their assessment information, medical information and relevant images of them.

How we handle and manage this data is explained in detail in our data protection policy that can be accessed via the link below.


School's data protection policy


As of 25th May 2018, updated General Data Protection Regulations have come into force that apply additional responsibilities on all organisations, including schools.

Detailed information on how these apply to schools can be accessed via the following link:


GDPR for schools


For information, the school's data protection officer (DPO) is Mrs Becky Bishop


As part of the school's responsibilities towards meeting the additional responsibilities, we have taken the opportunity to update our 'privacy notices' that detail the type of information we hold about our children, parents and staff, why we hold this information and how we ensure it is securely kept.

Please click the relevant link to view these notices in further detail.

Privacy notices for children Privacy notices for parents and carers Privacy notices for staff