Our Curriculum

At Minworth Junior and Infant School, we offer a curriculum that is broad, progressive and above all, engaging for the children that we teach. Learning is the core purpose of our school and as such is central to everything that happens within it. It is very much our vision that Minworth is the place 'where learning is alive!' through our intention to develop resilient, self-motivated and inquisitive learners. It is our fundamental objective to ensure our children be the best they can be, reaching their academic potential and leave us as happy, responsible young citizens, equipped to succeed and contribute positively to the next stage of their journey and beyond. This is epitomised by the Minworth Jigsaw, a set of expectations and objectives for the entire school community, designed to ensure the development of character and the promotion of 'good citizens.'

In meeting the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, we have designed a curriculum that integrates the gaining of sequential knowledge, the development of progressive skills and the acquisition of purposeful and relevant vocabulary all of which is predominantly organised through engaging topics, the detail of which can be explored below. Despite the curriculum being primarily thematic in its approach, each subject is identified and promoted as an individual discipline with its own set of fundamental learning expectations that build within and across year groups. Furthermore, each curriculum subject is regularly and routinely monitored by subject leaders, reviewed and evaluated in order to maintain its relevance in the development of talented and educationally broad children.

The Minworth Curriculum Offer below seeks to succinctly summarise our curriculum, its organisation and intention and how it ensures measurable progress for our children in ‘a nutshell.’

To ensure a ‘richness of experience’ throughout their education, we have developed the ‘Minworth Pledge’ which captures and details the provision children will be entitled to throughout their time at Minworth, all of which will contribute to the memories children will hold on to, long after they have left our school.

Jigsaw PSHE

We follow the Jigsaw PSHE programme with children from year 1 to year 6, please see the outline below. In addition to the Jigsaw PSHE programme, children learn about changes during puberty in year 5 and sex education in year 6. This is delivered by a visiting teacher and year 6 parents are informed when the lessons will take place.