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Minworth Junior and Infant School Staff


Senior Leadership Team


School Business Manager

  Becky Bishop 


Kelly Lickley

Deputy Headteacher

Kelly Jordan

Assistant Headteacher

Oliver Bennett 


Extended Leadership Team

Maths Leader

Kay Watson


English Leader

Gemma Lavender



Julie Davies



Subject leadership Responsibilities:

PE - Becky Turner (Supported by  Hindi Lal and 

Mitch Jones)

Art - Natalie Snell

MfL -  Kelly Jordan


Design and Technology - Lucy Hagger

Music - Heather Woolley

History - Gemma Lavender

Science - Oliver Bennett  

Computing - Julie Davies

Geography - Martin Cornbill

RE - Hayley Davage

PSHE - Alison Warriner



Class Responsibilities:


Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Lucy Hagger

supported by Sophie Traynor and Kirsty Carr

Heather Woolley

supported by Natalie Martin and Gemma Tooze

Gemma Lavender 

supported by Sarah Willetts and Tracey Miller


Julie Davies and

Alison Warriner

supported by Julie Hobster

Oliver Bennett  and

Hayley Davage

supported by Lisa Garbett

Martin Cornbill and

Kay Wason

supported by Dena Leon-Gardener

Becky Turner 

supported by Christine Larkman 


 Inclusion and Pastoral Support

Julie Davies (SENCo), Alison Warriner, Tracey Miller – Learning mentor (Deputy DSL),  Hindi Lal – Learning mentor,   Mitch Jones – Learning mentor

Office and Admin

Finance officer  - Jo Mealings                   Office Admin - Loretta Haughey                 Office Admin – Gemma Cummins 


Site and Cleaning staff

Site Manager - Glenn Ladkin                                                   Cleaner - Nicky Garbett                                         Cleaner – Sandra Collins  

Lunchtime Supervisors

Natalie Martin (Senior),   Gunsel Philbeam,  Elaine Hobbs,  Sandra Collins, Lindsay Mezini,  Lisa Garbett,  Rachel Field,  Julie Hobster


Before and After School Club – play workers

Zone manager -  Julie Hobster ,                 Lindsay Mezini,                      Gunsel Philbeam