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Our Curriculum



At Minworth Junior and Infant School, we have high expectations of our children and their potential.  By following the requirements of the National Curriculum, we have developed a school curriculum that is broad, balanced and progressive, but above all tailored to meet the needs of our pupils.   

Learning is the core purpose of our school and as such, is central to everything that happens within it. It is very much our vision that Minworth is the place 'where learning is alive!' and children develop as resilient, self-motivated and inquisitive learners. 



To meet the diverse needs of our school community, the monitoring of the curriculum ensures it is engaging for the children we teach.  We pride ourselves on providing rich experiences with knowledge and skills, so they are ready to access the next stages in their learning.  Learning experiences are dynamic and responsive to bridge gaps, for all children across the curriculum. Although we hold Reading as key to accessing the curriculum in all subjects, teachers are firstly, teachers of reading. 

Teachers and leaders continually evaluate the curriculum content to ensure the appropriateness for all learners. Underpinning the implementation is our work on metacognition and how children learn how to learn. Subject leaders work closely with teachers to ensure consistency and progression of all subjects across school and that, where possible, subjects are brought together to form topics whilst ensuring children are aware of discrete subjects.  Key to the success is the consistency of expectations of behaviour and attitude. This is epitomised by the Minworth Jigsaw, a set of expectations and objectives for the entire school community, designed to ensure the development of character and the promotion of 'good citizens.'


Curriculum Drivers:

Our school’s education and values are represented with our Curriculum Drivers. These drivers form the basis of everything we do and how we behave in and around school, from Reception to Year 6, in all aspects of school life.  They also support the teaching of British Values throughout the school.


From the very beginning, the great expectations we have ensures that all children progress rapidly, in all year groups. The impact of our curriculum cannot only be seen in test results, but also in their maturity and confidence.  Our children leave Minworth being the best they can be, reaching their academic potential and as happy, responsible young citizens, equipped to succeed and contribute positively to the next stage of their journey and beyond.

The Minworth Curriculum Offer succinctly summarise our curriculum, its organisation and develops further the intention and how it ensures measurable progress for our children in ‘a nutshell.’

To ensure a ‘richness of experience’ throughout their education, we have developed the ‘Minworth Pledge’ which captures the wider curriculum children will be entitled to throughout their time at Minworth, all of which will contribute to the memories children will hold on to, long after they have left our school.

Year Group Curriculum Plan

To discover how our curriculum comes to life in the classroom, please look at the year group plans as well as individual subjects.



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