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The Governing Body


All Governors, except the Head teacher serve a four-year term, at the end of which they can stand for re-election or appointment.  Minworth Junior and Infant School Governing Board is currently made up of:

  •  2 Parent Governors – elected by parents of pupils at the school
  • 1 LA Governor – appointed by Birmingham City Council for the Local Authority
  • 1 Staff Governor - elected by the staff at the school
  • 1 Head teacher
  • 1 Associate Governor – volunteer from the wider community appointed by the Governing Board
  • 4 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Board (including parents, staff and volunteers from the local community)

     The Instrument of Governance is registered with Birmingham City Council.

The core functions of the Governing body are as follows:

The Department for Education has specified three core functions that governing boards of all state-funded schools should prioritise:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The Chair of Governors is elected by the full Governing Board at its first meeting of each school year. The current Chair of Governors is Mrs. Hayley Kavanagh.

The Governing Board does not run the school. That is the job of the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.  They support a strategic overview of how the school is run, and act as a ‘critical friend’ and an invaluable sounding board. Ofsted view our effectiveness in how they challenge and support the school, so that weaknesses can be tackled decisively and statutory responsibilities met.  

Some aspects of their role are laid down in law. They approve the school budget as well as targets for attainment and various policies. Any decisions made by the school to permanently exclude a pupil, has to be reviewed by an independent panel. The full Governing Board meets four times a year, but much of the ‘ground work’ of the governors is carried out by its two principal committees:

  • Finance and Resources
  • Standards and Achievement

In addition, the board has a role to play in ensuring the school or schools are compliant with educational and other legislation, such as safeguarding, equality and health and safety.  They work to these Terms of Reference and adhere to this Code of Conduct.



Hayley Kavanagh – Chair of Governors and Parent Governor 

Elected -  4/10/23    Re-Election -  3/10/27

Register of interests - director of Pilates Heaven Ltd

                                       - director of HD Building Developments Ltd

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Darren Nicholls - Co-opted Governor and Vice-chair of Governors

Nominated - 9/10/23   Re-Election -  8/10/27

Register of interests - none declared

 Coming soon


Guy Hollier -  Co-opted Governor

Elected - 23/01/18      Re-Election - 22/01/26

Register of interests - none declared

 Coming soon


Rob Meadows - Co-opted Governor

Elected - 10/09/23      Re-Election 09/09/27

Register of interests - Headteacher and member of the Governing Body at Sladefield Infant School

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Cat Davies-Mills  – Elected parent Governor

Elected - 7/10/22     Re-Election 6/10/26

Register of interests - none declared


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Gemma Lavender – Staff Governor 

Elected - 14/07/23      Re-Election 13/07/27

Register of interests - none declared

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Louis Bailey - Associate Governor

Elected - 10/10/23      Re-Election 9/10/27

Register of interests - Co-opted Governor at Sladefield

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Kelly Lickley - Head teacher

Register of interests - Parent Governor at Polesworth School


 Delene Rutter  – Co-opted Governor

Nominated -  4/10/16    Re-Election - 3/10/24

Register of interests - none declared


Lyndsey Hudson  –  Local authority Governor

Elected - 23/02/21   Re-election 22/02/25


 Register of interests - none declared


Clerk to the Governing body - Mrs Claire Richards  

Register of interests - Employed by SIPs



 .Register of Pecuniary Interests and Governor Attendance 


The structure of the Governing Body is: