Governing Body Structure

The Governing body at Minworth is made up of the following people in addition to the head teacher:




Brent Aston – Chair of Governors and co-opted Governor 

Elected -  10/9/19    Re-Election -  9/9/23





Lyndsey Hudson  –  Local authority Governor

Elected - 4/10/16   Re-election 3/10/20








Guy Hollier Co-opted Governor

Elected - 23/01/18      Re-Election - 22/01/22



 Coming soon



Rob Meadows - Co-opted Governor

Elected - 10/09/19      Re-Election 09/09/23



 Coming soon



Heather Woolley  – Elected parent Governor and Vice Chair

Elected - 4/10/16     Re-Election 3/10/20





Hayley Kavanagh - Elected parent Governor

Elected - 4/10/19      Re-Election 3/10/23

 Coming soon



Oliver Bennett – Staff Governor 

Elected - 10/09/19      Re-Election 09/09/23



 Coming soon



Becky Dewsbery – Associate Governor and school business manager

Elected - 16/07/19      Re-Election - 15/07/23





 Matt Sadler - Head teacher






Delene Rutter  – Parent and associate Governor

Nominated -  4/10/16     Re-Election - 3/10/20




 Trevor Evans - Parent and associate Governor

 Nominated - 25/9/18

 Coming soon

 Darren Nicholls - Parent and associate Governor

 Nominated - 4/10/19

 Coming soon



Clerk to the Governing body - Mrs Joanne Mealings. 





The core functions of the Governing body are as follows:

  1. To provide a strategic overview by the setting aims and objectives for our school and by adopting policies and setting targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  2. To monitor and evaluate our school's progress towards achieving its aims and to act as a 'critical friend' to the headteacher and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) by supporting and challenging them in managing the school.
  3. To ensure accountability to the pupils, the parents, the local community, the local authority and the staff with the aim of raising standards and improving the outcomes for the pupils at the school.

The Governing body is divided into the following committees:

  • Finance committee - Guy Hollier, (Chair), Brent Aston (Vice-chair), Hayley Kavanagh, Becky Dewsbery and Matt Sadler
  • Pay, performance and grievance committee - Heather Wooley (Chair), Brent Aston, Lyndsey Hudson, Matt Sadler and Becky Dewsbery.
  • Appeals committee - As and when needed. Delene Rutter and two other Governors subject to availability.
  • Attainment and standards committee - Lyndsey HudsonRob Meadows, Trevor Evans, Oliver Bennett and Matt Sadler.

 Link Governors:

  • SENDCO Governor: Heather Wooley
  • Safeguarding Governor: Rob Meadows
  • Training Link Governor: Becky Dewsbery
  • Pupil Premium Link Governor: Rob Meadows
  • EYFS Link Governor: Delene Rutter
  • Health and safety, data protection Link Governor: Guy Hollier

Governors meet a minimum of six times throughout the course of the academic year.