Ofsted and Performance Data


Currently, children's achievement in reading, writing, maths and science is measured nationally at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (reception), at the end of Key stage one (year 2) and at the end of Key stage two (year 6). Children's achievement in phonics is also measured nationally at the end of year 1, repeated at the end of year 2 for children failing to meet the standard. In school, all children's achievement and progress is measured and shared with parents on a termly basis. 


As of the academic year beginning 2015-16, the department for education significantly changed the way that primary school children at the end of key stage one and two are assessed. This meant that the old system of levels, with level 2 being the expected standard for children at the end of year 2 and level 4 being the expected standard at the end of year, was replaced by a new system whereby children are either determined to be working at, below or above the expected standard at the end of each key stage. * The change to this system reflects the significantly higher expectations of the new national curriculum. 

*Children at the end of year 6 can only be judged to be working above the expected standard (at a higher standard) if they significantly exceed the expectation in each of reading, writing and maths.


In summary, children achieve very well at Minworth and standards are usually at least as good as the national and local comparison, the result of significant and sustained improvement year on year in outcomes from 2012-15. For the 2015-16 academic year, standards did drop below the national comparison at the end of year 2 and significantly so at the end of year 6, partly as a result of the increased curriculum expectations but also largely due to contextual factors. As can be seen in the summary below, following the 'blip' in 2015-16, standards at Minworth rose significantly at the end of the 2016-17 academic year and returned to being in line with or exceeding national averages.


The links below give an indication of the achievement of children at Minworth.


Click here to view the school's presentation of outcomes for children for the 2016-17 academic year.

Note, final national outcomes for schools are not published until the following February.




Use this link to the right to view the school's most recent nationally published outcomes. (Note, 2016-17 performance data is due to be published end of October 2017)  
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