Our school in a nutshell

"Hello there. If you are looking at this page, that likely means that you are considering seeking a place for your child to start with us either in Reception as part of the September cohort of 2021 or as an in year admission in another year group. Unfortunately, I am not able to show visitors around the school presently so instead have tried to capture in one place some of the key information that will help whether we are the right school for your child. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page regarding any specific questions you may have and either myself, or a member of my leadership team, will endeavour to respond promptly."

Mr Matt Sadler - Head teacher.

Frequently asked questions:

1) How many children do we have? We offer 30 places for each school year group meaning we can accommodate 210 children in total. Currently, we are full, with waiting lists, in all year groups with the exception of the current year 3.

2) How wide is our catchment area? This is difficult to answer truthfully because our popularity has seen us grow in terms of pupil numbers in the last few years meaning that some children travel here from several miles away.

The best chance to secure a place in the 2021 Reception cohort is ensure that Minworth is recorded as your first preference, as we believe to be the case for the 30 children who recently joined us in Reception.

3) How do I obtain a place for a child not in Reception, i.e. for a family new to the area? Please contact the school office on 0121 3511345 and a member of our admin team will take your details and give an indication as to whether there are any places available in that year group and how many are on the waiting list.

Please watch this short video to see a typical 'Minworth' day:

We are very proud of the Minworth 'Pledge'. This is our guarantee to children throughout their time with us. Remember that you are not just choosing a school for your child; more committing them to form part of a community that they will likely be part of for many years.

What do parents say?

What do Ofsted say?

What do the children say? (Coming soon)

And some things we've done for fun to say goodbye to our Year 6 leavers...

What do you want to know? Please feel free to ask at contact@minworth.bham.sch.uk and a member of the school's leadership team will respond promptly.

Pupil Admissions

More details about this can be found by visiting the following... http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/schooladmissions.

Parents applying for a place for their child with one or more older siblings already in the school should clearly state their name and date of birth on the application.

Parents wishing to admit children in other year groups or after the start of Reception should make contact with the school directly. Any available places will then be offered abiding by local authority guidance and our own admissions policy, a link to which can be found below.

Minworth admissions policy.