On this page we will endeavour to provide you with relevant information concerning the pandemic and the school's response to and arrangements in place as a result of it.


Additionally, the link below details Birmingham City Council's Covid advice, guidance and local policies.

Covid School Update - September 2021: A message to parents

Whilst the situation is more positive than previously, we are not yet out of the pandemic and therefore I just want to update parents on some key changes to national policy, founded on the latest DFE guidance. It remains the case that any children displaying symptoms of the virus should isolate and take a PCR test to ascertain whether or not they have Covid. If the test proves negative, children are free to return to school when well enough to do so. If positive, they should continue to isolate for 10 full days. However, a significant change to previous regulations is that children are NOT expected to isolate if they are a close contact of someone who has the virus, providing they themselves are not symptomatic. Children instead will be advised to take a PCR test to confirm they do not have the virus after which they can continue to attend school. This change concerning isolation also applies to adults who are fully vaccinated and those who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons. School will not ask for ‘proof’ of any negative test results, nor will children ever be forced to take a test.

The change to isolation rules means it is highly unlikely there will be any further closing of classes (or bubbles as previously) unless advised to do so by public health as a result of there being five proven ‘linked’ cases in school, thereby indicating an outbreak. Rest assured though, this has not happened at Minworth at any stage of the pandemic. Parents should also understand that I will only communicate positive cases in any particular year group where there are two or more confirmed cases in that class.

With regard to preventative measures, there is no expectation for staff or parents to wear face coverings currently and this situation will only change in the event of a local outbreak. Children will also no longer be operating in bubbles. Hygiene will remain a priority in school and for the foreseeable future, good ventilation will be ensured in classrooms and other areas in school. In the coming weeks, I will also be reviewing parental access to the school site, with the intention of removing many of the current restrictions as appropriate.

As we have learned throughout the pandemic, the situation can change quite quickly and therefore I will continue to update parents promptly as and when necessary.