Music, and the manner in which it enriches the curriculum and children's learning, is a prominent aspect of life at Minworth and is something that we know creates life long memories and skills. To this end, we offer the following commitment and provision:

  • During their time at Minworth, every child will learn to play a musical instrument.
  • We have a specialist teacher to teach whole class guitar in year 4.
  • We subscribe to and partner with the Birmingham music service.
  • We offer every child the opportunity to participate in our active school choir who participate in events at venues such as the Symphony Hall. (See below)

Minworth School Choir 

All children at Minworth are taught to sing in music lessons and our weekly singing assembly. We also run an extra-curricular school choir where children are given the opportunity to perform live as part of a musical ensemble in venues such as the The Symphony Hall, St John's church in Walmley and Asda!

Guitars at Minworth

At Minworth, every child in year four learns to play the guitar. They are then given the chance to continue this in year five and six.